PART 3/7: Road of Sacrifice

Status: WIP. Posting in progress.
Rating: PG-13 to hard R.
Warnings: Violence, hints of torture, suggestive to crude language, character deaths, angst.
Timeline: A year and a half post the marauders last year at Hogwarts: The first war continues.
Summary: The war continues with more battles and losses. Caught up in the middle, Buffy and co. have to do their best to find light in the darkness. Buffy search for her roots and a balance in her life: what does it means to be the Slayer in the new world she now calls home - but can answers be found anywhere but in Sunnydale? Voldemort's hold on Britain grows stronger and the Order weaker due to death and betrayal from within. Can a prophecy change the tide for the better or will its existence result in even more death?
Pairings: Remus/Buffy, James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Severus/Dorcas, Frank/Alice...


Episode 1 - Sacrifice
The battle of Hogsmeade is over and so is 1979. The Order tries its best to deal with and accept another loss, but one of them is not so willing. But when it comes to Voldemort, can a deal ever lead to anything good? Amidst it all, Brutus Tool is finally relieved of his post as Minister of Magic. (c. 6100 words) || Episode Art

Episode 2 - Memories
Buffy goes back to basics in order to regain her confidence. Snape gets his revenge and in the meantime, Kelly and Sirius come to blows over Mandy and in the end, only one of them can get what they want.
(c. 6700 words) || Episode Art

Episode 3 - Prophecy
Peter crosses the limits of Voldemort’s patience while Lily and James attempt to cheer up Sirius. Dumbledore interviews Sybill Trelawney and gets more than he bargained for in the form of a prophecy that may turn the tide of the war. (c. 6900 words) || Episode Art

Episode 4 - News
Dumbledore summons the Order for a Valentine’s Day filled with fun revelations, while things between Remus and Sirius continue to be tense. Snape realises he may have made a mistake, and Peter has news for Voldemort that may put his friends in danger. (c. 5600 words) || Episode Art

Episode 5 - Journal
The end of the battle Buffy, Alice, and Lily are not present at, has Moody take steps to ensure Sirius’ mental well-being. Voldemort gets important information, and Buffy begins to explore her Slayer side. (c. 6000 words) || Episode Art

Episode 6 - Down
Buffy delves into the Slayer-myth while Eliza supports Sirius in his grief. Remus and Sirius slowly try to repair their friendship, while Voldemort travels to Italy in search of a clue to the power-source. (c. 6700 words) || Episode Art

Episode 7 - Out
Sirius is returned to active Auror duty and finally gets confirmation about Regulus’ fate. He and James have a guy’s night out, and the Order must deal with another attack, with Buffy finally deciding to get back into action. (c. 6400 words) || Episode Art

Episode 8 - Faith
The dimensional balance is once again threatened when the power of the Key is unleashed and the layer that keeps the different worlds separated is ripped apart. For Buffy, the collision of her past and present has begun... (c. 6400 words) || Episode Art

Episode 9 - Sunnydale
Buffy is back among old friends and an old love, but a lot has changed in her absence. There is a new Slayer, and nothing and no one is the same. (c. 8300 words) || Episode Art

Episode 10 - Quest
Buffy goes on a vision quest in the hopes of getting some much needed answers about herself. Remus surprisingly manages to bond somewhat with Angel, while Buffy manages the same with Faith during a patrol. A conversation with Cordelia helps Buffy gain some much needed insight. (c. 7900 words) || Episode Art

Episode 11 - Home
Buffy learns of a Shanshu and Remus must face his first transformation in this new dimension. Can a conversation with Oz bring a solution to the lycanthropy curse? Buffy meets the Fates and must make a final choice between two worlds and two loves. (c. 7100 words) || Episode Art

Episode 12 - Return
Buffy and Remus have returned from their experiences, while Eliza returns to France on a mission for Dumbledore, and learns that some things have changed in her absence... (c. 6400 words) || Episode Art

Episode 13 - Harry
Two boys are born at the end of July, causing Severus to reconsider his allegiances... and Voldemort learns that Buffy may be an even bigger threat than he thought. (c. 6400 words) || Episode Art

Episode 14 - Hiding
The Potters and the Longbottoms learns that destiny sucks when they are told something that throws their world into a loop and changes their lives forever. (c. 8700 words) || Episode Art

Episode 15 - Resignation
James resigns from the Auror Academy in order to be able to spend more time with his family. Diagon Alley is ravaged, not by Voldemort’s followers, but by Quintapeds from Isle of Drear, which he has released onto an unsuspecting public. (c. 9400 words) || Episode Art

Episode 16 - Mythtaken
Harry’s outbursts of accidental magic grow stronger while Remus and Buffy try to have some fun in the form of ice-skating. The Potters get another green-eyed member for Christmas. Buffy, along with the rest of the Order, are taken by surprise when they learn of the existence of another Slayer... (c. 9000 words) || Episode Art

Episode 17 - Blocks
Harry’s accidental magic grows dangerously powerful, causing Lily and James to consider drastic solutions to stop it, even as they make plans to spend time apart, away from Godric’s Hollow. (c. 5400 words) || Episode Art

Episode 18 - Parents
Buffy and Lily goes to LA in an attempt to relax and to track down an alternate version of Buffy’s mother, in an attempt to get some closure from her death in Buffy’s original universe. However, they also run into a couple of unexpected people. (c. 7100 words) || Episode Art

Episode 19 - Marauders
The other Slayer meets the Order and the marauders wreak havoc for old time’s sake. Lily visits the Department of Mysteries, in the hopes of finding something to protect Harry from Voldemort. (c. 7600 words) || Episode Art

Episode 20 - Smile
Remus makes an impulse purchase that cannot be given away just as impulsively and Buffy bonds with Joshua. Sirius graduates from the Auror Academy and the Order gathers to commemorate their devotion to the cause and their friendship to each other. (c. 6200 words) || Episode Art

Episode 21 - Treachery
The Order gets to experience the painful cost of war as the consequences of an unknown traitor among them makes themselves known. (c. 8800 words) || Episode Art

Episode 22 - Children
Harry turns one year old and Voldemort and his Death Eaters aim their sights on to a muggle target, against those least capable of defending themselves – children. (c. 8200 words) || Episode Art

Episode 23 - Joshua
The war claims more victims and Severus begins working at Hogwarts, while Voldemort's plans to take a Slayer's powers as his own are coming to fruition. (c. 9300 words) || Episode Art

Episode 24 - Serpent
Hogwarts is under attack and Dumbledore continues to face ire from the press, while James learns his heroic actions in the war have had unexpected consequences on Hogwarts’ students and Buffy learns there can be unexpected rewards in slaying. (c. 9800 words) || Episode Art

Episode 25 - Fidelius
The Potters and the Longbottoms are told about a charm that may keep them safe for the rest of the war, and Remus finds some success in accepting Moony. (c. 8300 words) || Episode Art

Episode 26 -
Things come to a head as the Dark Lord makes his move. It is Halloween, 31 October, 1981. And the beginning of the end...or perhaps the end of the beginning. (c. 9000 words) || Episode Art

Episode 27 - Boy-Who-Lived
A new era dawns. Voldemort is gone, and the Wizarding World hails their new hero: the Boy-Who-Lived. But all is not well – a traitor is still on the loose... (c. 9600 words) || Episode Art

Episode 28 - Azkaban
Azkaban. A place of dread and grief, of memories lost in the dark. This is the new home of Sirius Black. The first days of November goes by with much guilt, mourning, well as hope for the future. (c. 9000 words) || Episode Art

Episode 29 -
TBA. (c. 11800 words) || Episode Art

Episode 30 -
TBA. (c. 12000 words) || Episode Art

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