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9 August, 2012

A new link to Road of Loyalty has been added to the navigation panel. Road of Loyalty is part 4 of Roads Travelled, and takes place after Road of Sacrifice. I've already started to add chapter titles and summaries and will continue to add them for every chapter I finish, so please don't go there unless you want to risk spoilers! I've also added a new playlist for Road of Loyalty. Below are two new icons of Buffy.

Buffy Buffy

5 August, 2012

Episode 19 of Road of Sacrifice is now up on and TtH. I have one new wallpaper, featuring the Chosen Two: Buffy and Joshua.

Buffy & Joshua - Slayers, 1680x

13 July, 2012

Episode 18 of Road of Sacrifice is now up on and TtH. I have one new wallpaper, featuring all the females from the Order during the first war: Lily, Mandy, Buffy, Samantha, Eliza, Marlene, Alice, Emmeline and Dorcas!

Order of the Phoenix - females, first war - Forever Young, 1680x

28 June, 2012

Hi again! My resources list have been updated one final time: it should now be up-to-date. Also, I've added a 'quotations' section to the right column, with a citation from the latest added chapter of the series that will change with every update. Beware of spoilers if you're behind on your reading! As you can also see, I've changed the color-scheme a bit.


Hi everyone! Below is all the art (minus the updated episode art, which is linked to by every episode summary as usual) - I have not had time to fix this in the .pdf documents for Road of Carnage and Road of Sacrifice yet, and the actors list inside those are also wrong) which has been updated with the new actors. I've also updated my resources list to include almost all my art on this site (that will be fixed soon).

Also, I just finished my edit of Road of Innocence (mostly spelling/grammar) which is now available in complete story format as a downloadable .pdf-document. As such, all the individual .pdf episode links have been removed, since the story can now be found and read as it is meant to be: in its entirety in a single document (don't worry - the document contains links to each chapter, available either from the episode index or the bookmarks feature, so it's still easy to navigate between/get to the various chapters).

The story can also be read online. Eventually, I may add footnotes to Road of Innocence with trivia, like I do right now on Road of Sacrifice, though that will have to wait: my next project is finishing my music video and editing Road of Carnage, so that, too, can be put into a single .pdf document. I hope you find this new, single .pdf as convenient as I do, and won't miss the individual chapter links!

Road of Carnage, 1440x Road of Sacrifice, 1680x Lily Evans Potter - I have a Dream, 1280x Lily Evans Potter - Remember, 1280x Lily Evans Potter, 1680x Sirius, James & Remus - True friends, 1280x James & Sirius - Brothers in arms, 1280x Samantha, Peter, Sirius & Mandy - Live forever, 1280x Buffy, Remus, Lily & James - Time is fleeting, 1280x Lily, James, Sirius, Buffy & Remus - Everywhere I Go, 1680x

Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily

Still Frame - Sirius Still Frame - Lily Still Frame - Peter


Hi everyone! The site will go through a giant update when it comes to wallpapers, icons, banners, still frames and a new header during the next twenty-four hours or so. This means you may experience a lot of broken links if you try to click on some of the art until it's been updated. I will be working on replacing a lot of the episode art as well. This is because I have been forced to re-imagine the cast for the first war due to age-issues. Isla Fisher do not look to be in her early twenties, and neither does Sam Troughton or Johnny Depp. All my other actors, minus Sarah Michelle Gellar, were born during the same decade, and therefor looks to be the same age: Isla, Sam and Johnny don't, unfortunately.

This means a lot of the art has been remade to fit the new actors: Karen Gillan, Iwan Rheon and Ben Barnes. BUT Sam Troughton and Johnny Depp will still portray Peter and Sirius, but AFTER the first war - that is, from the AU versions of book 1-7, during the second war, when they're supposed to be in their thirties. I could never let go of my vision of Johnny as Sirius entirely and as for keeping Sam - well, I never thought Timothy Spall was right, considering after he's lived as a rat for twelve years, Peter was supposed to be thin...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new art and hope you don't mind this major change/update. For me, it means I have to start from scratch with my videos (and I was almost done!), but I think it will be worth it in the long run, considering Roads Travelled probably won't be done for years yet! On top of all the old. updated art, there will also be a few new pieces, with Karen Gillan as Lily: one new wallpaper and two accompanying icons, and one stand-alone icon, featuring Lily and little Harry! I will add in all the updated art in a new update, once the site is up to date.

31 May, 2012

Chapter 16 of Road of Sacrifice is up, in which Buffy gets a surprise, Harry both delights and frighten, and Caradoc is a grouch and Severus an arse. Enjoy!

10 May, 2012

Chapter 15 of Road of Sacrifice is up, and I've fixed the broken links to the previous .pdf chapters. Please let me know if you have any other issues/problems with links the site!

20 April, 2012

.Pdf-documents for chapter 9-14 of Road of Sacrifice are up, which means they're finally up-to-date with the chapters that have been published so far on TtH and FF.Net. Also, new episode art has been added for chapter 14-19, and summaries and wordcount have been added for chapter 19-22.

26 February, 2012

Hi everyone! Long time, no see! I am currently working on music videos & TV-credits for the first three stories in Road Travelled. It's taking its time, so be patient! A slight change to the playlist for Road of Innocence: one song has been replaced with a new one that I thought fit the story better: Daughtry's "Start of Something Good." Parallell to this, I'm writing the remaining chapters of Road of Sacrifice. It's going slowly right now... :D Also, uploads of .pdf chapters to this site is on its way - I swear! Be patient!

8 October, 2011

I just realised that the actor I have portraying Nick Vandom in Road of Innocence/Road of Carnage, Jamie Campbell Bower, is the same one who portrays young Gellert Grindelwald in HP and the Deathly Hallows. Since I don't want to use Harry Potter actors/actresses in my series in another role than they had in the movies (unless it is very, very minor, in which case I might make an exception), I have replaced him in my art and in my cast list with Max Irons. As I'm still editing Road of Innocence, Jamie Campbell Bower will still stand as the actor in all .pdf documents until I've finished. Anyway, below is the new wallpaper of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team 1977-1978 with Max Irons as Nick instead. The episode art for Road of Carnage chapter 22 has also been changed.

WALLPAPER (update)
The Gryffindor Quidditch Team - 1977-1978, 1211x757

6 October, 2011

Chapter eight of Road of Sacrifice are up! And in case you haven't noticed already, all the .pdf storydocuments have a new layout, to make it easier to get a series and episode overview as well as footnotes for all trivia rather than stick it all at the end of each chapter and hope the readers remember what sections they are referring to.

3 October, 2011

I was writing chapter 21 of Road of Sacrifice when I realised that there must be two different Death Eater's called Mulciber in HP-verse, one who went to school ith Voldemort and one who went to school with Snape. So I have added one new still frame on Mulciber Junior, while I renamed the still frame I already had on the older Mulciber to Muciber Senior (aren't I clever? lol).

Still Frame - Mulciber Sr Still Frame - Mulciber Jr

30 June, 2011

The first chapter of Road of Sacrifice has now been published! Don't forget to review/comment and vote in the new poll on my profile.